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  • Networking without Selling: How to connect with professionals, potential clients, and industry influencers to expand your business network.
  • The Truth About Building Your Brand: Steps to establish your brand presence, showcase products or services, and raise brand awareness among professionals.
  • Content & Thought Leadership: The benefits of sharing valuable insights and expertise to position yourself as a respected authority in your industry.
  • Lead Generation & Appointments: Where to find and engage with potential leads, build and nurture relationships and converting them into clients or customers.
  • Outsmart Your Competition with Market Insights: How to stay more informed about industry trends, news, and your the needs of your target audience.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Network and engage with other businesses or professionals for potential partnerships and collaborations.
  • Reputation Management: Maintain an active presence, engage professionally, and receive endorsements and recommendations to manage your online reputation.
  • And much, much more!

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Business owners, coaches, consultants, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs & other business professionals.

About Derick Mildred

Social Media Speaker, Coach/Trainer and Online Business Growth Specialist, Derick is well known for his experience and knowledge of LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn for business coach, trainer and course creator.
  • Officially a member of LinkedIn since Oct 2004.
  • Used LinkedIn for for Lead Generation Since 2014.
  • ​75,000 + Followers.
  • ​320+ Recommendations.
  • ​25 Million Content Views. 
  • ​​Voted one of the Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn 2021.
  • ​​LinkedIn Rockstar - 3 X Top 3 / 75 LinkedIn Trainers Worldwide.
  • ​​Publisher of the Popular Influencer & Rising Stars lists.
  • ​Founder of The LinkedIn Global Influencer Summit.
  • ​Published over 190 articles on LinkedIn.
  • ​Author / Publisher of #30Tipsin30Days.

What Others Say

Anthony J James – LinkedIn Top Voice & Influencer.
(No 1 in Australia with over 3.5 Million Followers)

"Derick constantly amazes me with his insight and original approaches to LinkedIn strategy and application for business. He is open, willing to give advice, and well respected within the LinkedIn community. Derick leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication to both brand building and position for business as well as his industry insights extremely valuable. The success he has achieved personally and professionally shows his extensive knowledge and dedication. I highly recommend Derick, follow him today.”

Jerin Hossain - LinkedIn Influencer & Businesswoman.
(Over 1 Million Followers)

"As a LinkedIn influencer with over 1 Million Followers, I know LinkedIn well, but when I have any questions about LinkedIn, particularly for business, Derick is the one I ask, he knows more about using LinkedIn for business than anybody else I know. He also helped me focus my intensions and not to worry too much about others! Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the last few years Derick."

Carlos Adell
- The Coaches Coach!

"Derick is a master at his craft. Definitely someone you want to talk with when it comes to LinkedIn advice and social media marketing. He goes always for the extra mile to provide value no matter what. There's never a question without an answer. Approachable and amazing at understanding people's needs." 

Rhonda Sher
- The LinkedIn Diva.

"Derick Mildred is brilliant when it comes to LinkedIn. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and truly a man of his word. His knowledge of how LinkedIn works and how to optimize this platform is absolutely stellar. f I have ever a questions about LinkedIn or need a resource, Derick is my go-to guy. Thank you for all you do."

Steve Smith
- Commercial Director.

"I have just spent 45 mins on a call with Derick Mildred, and I can unequivocally say that I have learnt more about how to use LinkedIn during those 45 mins than I have in the whole time I have been on this platform. Anybody looking to improve how they are viewed, and how to get the best out of this site, should get in touch with Derick, you will not be disappointed."

Andrea Simmons
- Wellness Entrepreneur.

"Since Derick has given my LinkedIn profile a 'make-over' & optimization, more people are finding about what I do and how I can help them. Without really working the LinkedIn system (yet), every couple of days I'm receiving LinkedIn connection requests, messages, and inquiries. I am really happy."

Jacklin Ari
- Real Estate Professional.

"Anyone that wants sound advice within this great world of LinkedIn and beyond, Derick is the person to talk too!! His broad experience and the generous time he's taken to reach out and impart his knowledge is gratefully appreciated. He's taught me that it's important to maximise the opportunity to reach out and connect with as many as you can while staying authentic will make the world of difference in helping people to get to know who you truly are and what you have to offer this world."

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